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2016 Arizona Liquor License Lottery

The 2016 liquor license lottery entry period will begin Monday, May 23, 2016.

Fair market values and lottery entry forms will be posted on this page by Wednesday, May 18, 2016.

Entrants will complete lottery entry forms online, then drop off or mail in a copy with the non-refundable $100 entry fee (per entry).

We hope you find the new, online entry process for the lottery to be an improvement.

2016 Liquor License Lottery Offering & Timeline

2016 Available Licenses
County Series 6: Bar Series 7: Beer & Wine Bar Series 9: Liquor Store
MARICOPA 10 8 12
Fair Market Value TBD TBD TBD
PINAL 2 2 3
Fair Market Value TBD TBD TBD
YUMA 1 0 0
Fair Market Value TBD N/A N/A

Liquor License Lottery Statute and Rule:

A.R.S. §4-206.01 and A.A.C. R19-1-204

2016 Liquor License Lottery Timeline
Activity Deadline
Lottery Entry Period Monday, May 23 through Monday, June 13, 2016
Date of Random Selection Drawing Wednesday, July 13, 2016 @ 10 a.m.
Entrants Selected To Apply for Licenses are Posted on Website Thursday, July 14, 2016
Non-refundable 50% Deposit Due 3:00 p.m., Thursday, October 26, 2016
Non-refundable Final Fees Due For Selected Applicants Who Submitted Entry Forms With a Pre-determined Business Location 105 days after application processed
Non-refundable Final Fees Due For Selected Applicants Who Submitted Entry Forms Without a Pre-determined Business Location Tuesday, April 25, 2017
Deadline To Submit Completed Application With Business Location Monday, July 15, 2019

Notes regarding the local government where your business will be located:

  • local governments must post application for corresponding lottery license series for 20 days
  • local governments have 60-days to submit a recommendation to the Department of Liquor regarding lottery applicants
  • when the Department of Liquor receives a local government's recommendation, a 15-day waiting period must pass prior to the license being issued

Liquor License Lottery History & Overview

Of the 21 series of liquor licenses available in Arizona, only these three are issued in limited quantities by county; the bar license (series 6), the beer and wine bar license (series 7), and the liquor store license (series 9). These three licenses are called "quota" licenses.

When our state's population boomed in the 90s, the Arizona's liquor industry proposed legislation that would increase the number of the three most sought-after liquor licenses. In 2005 more licenses were made available by holding a lottery.

2016 marks the ninth liquor license lottery held in Arizona. Quota licenses are issued by county when the population increases by 10,000. Of the 15 Arizona counties, Maricopa, Pima and Yuma experienced population growth of more than 10,000. The number of lottery licenses offered is determined by the population increase since 2010 minus the number of quota licenses issued in that county since 2010.

Before each lottery is conducted, two independent auditors determine the Fair Market Value of each license. Fair market values have ranged from a low of $5,233 for a beer and wine bar license in Gila County to a high of $235,800 for a liquor store license in Maricopa County.

Using one Entry Form, a lottery entrant may identify the street address where the liquor-licensed business will operate or, if the licensed business location is not yet established, the entrant may leave that information unanswered on the Entry Form.

When the number of entrants exceed the number of quota licenses offered, a Random Selection Drawing is held to determine the entrants will continue with the application process. If entrants selected in the random selectiondrawing elect not to continue with the application process, the license will be offered to the "alternate" identified in the drawing.

The cost to submit an Entry Form for the lottery is $100 and is non-refundable. When an entrant is selected to apply for a license, state costs include a fifty percent (50%) deposit, the remainder of the balance prior to issuance of the license. Also, prior to the license being issued, fingerprint fees, issuance fees, and any fees charged by the local government in the city or town where the business will operate. Non-payment state fees will result in automatic disqualification. When an entrant is disqualified, an alternate entrant, if selected, is notified.

When Liquor lottery Entrants are selected to apply for a liquor license, the applicant must meet state liquor license requirements and licensing requirements and requirements established by the city, town or county where they will operate their business.

A history of lottery results can be reviewed in the Department of Liquor Annual Report.