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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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  1. The director may issue an interim permit to the applicant for a license of the same series at the same premises whether that license is transferrable or nontransferable any of the following conditions exists:
    1. The director has good cause to believe the licensee is no longer in possession of the licensed premises.
    2. The license for such premises was surrendered pursuant to rules of the department.
    3. The applicant for the interim permit filed with the department an application for the issuance of a license of the same series of nontransferable license or the transfer or replacement of a transferable license of the same series at the same premises.
  2. The application for the interim permit shall be accompanied by an interim permit fee of one hundred dollars.
  3. An interim permit issued by the director pursuant to this section shall be for a period of not to exceed one hundred five days and shall not be extended except as provided in subsection D of this section. An interim permit is a conditional permit and authorizes the holder to sell such alcoholic beverages as would be permitted to be sold under the privileges of the license for which application has been filed with the department.
  4. Notwithstanding subsection C of this section, if the director extends the time limit for action by the department in connection with a license issuance or transfer pursuant to section 4-201.01, subsection B, the director shall issue an additional interim permit for a period equal to such extension unless either:
    1. No interim permit has previously been issued.
    2. For good cause shown the director denies the additional interim permit.
  5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, an interim permit may be canceled or suspended summarily at any time, if the director determines that good cause for such cancellation or suspension exists. There shall be no appeal from such cancellation or suspension of an interim permit to the board. The board may cancel an interim permit on applications that have been disapproved by the board. The cancellation or suspension of an interim permit may be appealed directly to the superior court.
  6. Application for an interim permit shall be on such form as the director shall prescribe. If an application for an interim permit is withdrawn before issuance or is refused by the director, the fee which accompanies such application shall be refunded.
  7. If an application for transfer of a license, person to person, or nontransferable spirituous liquor license is denied or an interim permit is revoked, suspended or expires, the licensee may request the return of the surrendered license that has been issued for such premises.
  8. The director may prescribe rules governing the issuance of interim permits under this section.
  9. The director may deny an interim permit in situations in which a current licensee holds a license described in section 4-209, subsection B, paragraph 12 and the current license is not in compliance with section 4-205.02.