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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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  1. The director may issue a hotel-motel license to any hotel or motel in this state that has in conjunction with such hotel or motel a restaurant where food is served.
  2. The director shall issue the license in the name of the hotel or motel upon application for the license by the owner or lessee of the motel or hotel, provided the applicant is otherwise qualified to hold a spirituous liquor license. The holder of such license is subject to the penalties prescribed for any violation of the law relating to alcoholic beverages.
  3. The holder of a hotel-motel license may sell and serve spirituous liquors solely for consumption on the licensed premises. For the purpose of this subsection, "licensed premises" shall include all public and private rooms, facilities and areas in which spirituous liquors may be sold or served in the normal operating procedures of the hotel or motel.
  4. In addition to other grounds prescribed in this title upon which a license may be revoked, the director may revoke a hotel-motel license issued pursuant to this section in any case in which the licensee ceases to operate as a hotel or motel, as prescribed in subsection A of this section.
  5. For the purposes of this section, the licensee shall be subject to the standards and qualifications of a restaurant licensee as provided in section 4-205.02. If an independent person or entity manages and supervises the sale and service of spirituous liquor at the premises pursuant to section 4-243.04, subsection A, paragraph 3, the person or entity may contract with the owner of the premises to sell and serve food on the premises. For the purpose of determining whether forty per cent of the licensee's gross revenues are derived from the sale of food, sales of food made by the owner of the premises are deemed sales of food made by the licensee.