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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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A.R.S. §4-205.05: Disposal of seized or recovered liquor

  1. The director may issue a temporary permit authorizing the disposal at public auction of spirituous liquor that has been seized by any agency of this state, the federal government, any political subdivision of this state, any financial institution as defined in section 6-101 that has a security interest in a license, the federal government pursuant to statute or a trustee in bankruptcy that acquires the spirituous liquor of a debtor. A bid at a public auction shall not be accepted from a licensee if the spirituous liquors offered for sale at the auction were seized or acquired from that licensee. The director shall issue the permit only if presented with proper documents of seizure by the appropriate official or the appointment of a trustee in bankruptcy. The director may dispose of seized spirituous liquor in whole or in part by public auction, by providing the spirituous liquor to law enforcement for training and investigation purposes only, or by authorizing a qualified person to recycle the spirituous liquor.
  2. Spirituous liquor with a stated expiration date on the label shall not be offered for sale at public auction after the expiration date and shall either be destroyed or disposed of as provided in this section. The licensed wholesaler that distributes the spirituous liquor brand in that sales territory may, but is not required to, accept a return of the liquor at no cost for disposal or to enable it to be returned to the supplier.