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Department of Liquor Licenses and Control
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4-205.07Conveyance license for excursion boats

A. The director may issue a conveyance license to the owner or lessee of an excursion boat if all of the following conditions apply:

1. The applicant for the license shall designate a dock as the home port for the boat.

2. The notice of the license application shall be prominently placed on the designated dock that is the home port.

3. The boat shall have a displacement of not less than fifty tons and shall have a passenger capacity of eighty persons or more.

4. The boat shall have a current coast guard certification.

B. The licensee or employee shall comply with each of the following requirements:

1. Liquor sales shall be for on premises consumption only.

2. No liquor sales shall be made in dock earlier than thirty minutes prior to departure or later than thirty minutes after docking.

3. No person may be permitted to bring spirituous liquor onto the boat except that purchased by the licensee or employee for resale according to law.

4. No boat captain or crew member shall consume spirituous liquor while serving as crew member.

C. The director may adopt rules to administer this section and to prevent violations of this title.