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Arizona does not have a "catering" liquor license. The bar (series 6), beer and wine bar (series 7) are liquor licenses that allow a business to sell up to 30 percent of their total liquor sales at that location for off-premises consumption. Additionally a liquor store (series 9), and a beer and wine store (series 10) licenses allow a business to sell their product for off-premises consumption. The owner of one of these licenses may sell and deliver liquor in the original container to non-liquor licensed Arizona retail customers age 21 or older. Payment must be received upon delivery.

Please use this for application kits, fees, instructions, and timeframes.

Use this link for on- and off-sale privileges by license type.

Another important consideration for you is "Tied house" and the three tier system of liquor distribution. "Tied house" refers to laws, adopted both on the federal level and by every state. The most fundamental purpose of tied house laws the marketing structure in which alcoholic beverages are sold by suppliers to wholesalers, and by wholesalers to retailers. Supplier, wholesaler, and retailer are the three tiers.

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