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You will be required to have a liquor license because you will be storing and serving liquor, and a minimum purchase for services will be required to receive the liquor (see A.R.S. § 4-244.05. below).

The "application kits" page has a description of all license types, what they allow you to do, the fees, application forms and instructions.

To find the application kits page, please use this link application kits and forms.

If you are only planning to serve wine, a beer and wine bar license would be a likely choice. All liquor licenses can be applied for through the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control except "quota" licenses of which the beer and wine bar license (series 7) is included. These licenses are available during an annual lottery by the Department of Liquor Licenses and Control or for resale on the open market. For information regarding the purchase of one of a "quota" license on the open market, search online for "Arizona liquor license brokers" or Arizona liquor license agents". They will know of the price and availability of these licenses in the county where you would like to open your business.

Use this link to find the fair market value for a beer and wine bar license in your county. These prices were current for the latest lottery, and may have changed since then.

Because the primary purpose of a liquor licensed establishment (see A.R.S. § 4-201 below) is considered during the license application process, the local government or persons living within a one-mile radius of the salon may protest your application.

Once your license is issued, on our website, visit the tab titled "application kits and forms", the "alphabetical forms index" page provides most, if not all, of the forms necessary for licensees to stay in compliance with Title 4.

Statute # Description View
4-201 Licensing; application procedure in city, town or county; burden of proof View
4-244.05 Unlicensed business establishment or premises; unlawful consumption of spirituous liquor; civil penalty; seizure and forfeiture of property View