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There are two types of sampling privileges available in Arizona. Please note that the amount served per person, per brand is different for each type of sampling.

  1. The permanent, or "S" sampling privilege: an unlimited number of sampling events for licensees of liquor store (series 9) and beer and wine store (series 10) establishments. The retail establishment inventory is used for this type of sampling. Use this link to the permanent or "S" sampling application.

  2. The temporary sampling privilege: a maximum of 12 days per year per wholesaler or producer per off-sale retail location, with permission from the retailer. Temporary Sampling Events use wholesale inventory, not store inventory. Producers and wholesalers Request Sampling Events Online. To request an authorization code (needed to request a sampling event), please contact us at [email protected].
For your convenience, statutes for the temporary and permanent sampling privileges are included below.

Temporary Sampling Privileges

These first two statutes are to help licensees determine who may serve liquor during a sampling event. For a temporary sampling permit, a 3rd party hired by the producer/wholesaler is permitted.

Statute # Description View
4-101 Definitions View
4-206.01 Bar, beer and wine bar or liquor store licenses; number permitted; fee; sampling privileges View
4-243 Commercial coercion or bribery unlawful; exceptions View
4-244 Unlawful acts View