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Delivery and Transport of Liquor

Retail Delivery

Retail delivery of liquor is permitted with a bar (series 6), beer and wine bar (series 7), liquor store (series 9), and beer and wine store (series 10) liquor license.

Liquor license application kits. This page includes a description of all license types, what they allow you to do, the fees, application forms and instructions.

Delivery Privileges

Intra/Inter-state Transport

Statute/Rule # Description View
4-101 Definitions View
4-203 Licenses; issuance; transfer; reversion to state View
4-243.01 Purchasing from other than primary source of supply unlawful; definitions View
4-244 Unlawful acts View
R19-1-104 Shipping Container Labeling; Shipping Requirements View

Tax Requirements

Statute/Rule # Description View
4-112 Powers and duties of board and director of department of liquor licenses and control; investigations; county and municipal regulation View
4-201 Licensing; application procedure in city, town or county; burden of proof View
4-205.04 Wine: Farm winery license; issuance; regulatory provisions; retail site View
4-205.08 Beer: Microbrewery license; issuance; regulatory provisions; retail site View
4-210 State: Grounds for revocation, suspension and refusal to renew; notice; complaints; hearings View
4-223 Cities & Towns Authority of cities and towns to tax transactions involving spirituous liquors; prohibitions View
R19-1-305 Paying Taxes Required View
R19-1-501 General Recordkeeping View

Storing Transported Liquor

Rule Description View
R19-1-304 Storing Spirituous Liquor on Unlicensed Premises View