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BYOB or Liquor at an Unlicensed Business

"Bring your own bottle" (BYOB) locations are referred to as "unlicensed locations" in Title 4 (Arizona liquor law).

If you want to provide liquor to your clientele, one of these will apply to your business;

  1. you qualify as an unlicensed location,
  2. you'll need a temporary license, or
  3. you'll need to apply for a permanent liquor license.

Links to all applications are included at the base of this page.

Click "view" on the statute below. Although it's long, this statute will provide clear guidelines for businesses that are required to hold a liquor licenses and those that don't.

Statute Description View
4-244.05 Unlicensed business establishment or premises; unlawful consumption of spirituous liquor; civil penalty; seizure and forfeiture of property View

If you determine that your business meets the criteria for an "unlicensed premises" submit the unlicensed location application. Once received by the Department of Liquor, your application will be reviewed by the Investigations Division, a site inspection will be conducted, and a recommendation for approval/disapproval will be made to the License Division. This process takes between 30 to 45 days. Within 45 days, you will receive a copy of your original application with the recommendation. For assistance, please contact:

The Investigations Unit

If you don't qualify as an unlicensed location, please review these options:

  • Special Event License (temporary)
  • Permanent Liquor License