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Out-of-state Producer Application Kit (Series 02)

This non-transferrable liquor license allows an out-of-state producer, exporter, importer or rectifier to ship beer, wine and distilled spirits to an Arizona liquor-licensed wholesaler. An out-of-state producer or supplier of distilled spirits products shall not sell its products to an Arizona wholesaler at a cost higher than the lowest price at which the item was sold by the producer or supplier to any other wholesaler.

Except for as permitted in A.R.S. §4-205.04(C)(9) through (G), Internet sale of liquor is not permitted in the state of Arizona. Liquor must be delivered to an Arizona liquor-licensed wholesaler, then an Arizona liquor-licensed retailer prior to delivery to the consumer.

Owner/agents of the Out-of-State Producer license are responsible for taxes per A.R.S. §4-112(B) and (C), A.R.S. §4-201(A)(5), A.R.S. §4-205.04(E) and (F), R19-1-305.

Applicants may select the types of ownerships listed in the application instructions and dismiss any language that references a bona fide Arizona resident or in the name of a designated agent that meets the requirements of an individual licensee.

Each U.S. state has a unique Federal ATF Permit # which is requested on this application. Countries outside of the U.S. may complete this section with "n/a" (not applicable).

ADDITIONAL RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: An out-of-state producer, exporter, importer or rectifier must comply with the provisions of Title 4(Arizona liquor law) in the same manner as an in-state licensee. Violations of Title 4 may result in a fine or civil penalty and the suspension or revocation of the right to do business in Arizona.

ARIZONA STATUTES AND REGULATIONS: A.R.S. §4-201, 4-202, 4-205.04, 4-209, 4-243, 4-243.02, , 4-202(E)(recordkeeping), 4-205.08(D), (F) & (G)(taxes)Rules R19-1-104 (shipping), R19-1-305 (taxes), R19-1-319 (coercion or bribery), R19-1-501 (recordkeeping)

Period of Issuance: One (1) year with option to renew.
Application Fees:
Non-refundable application fee: $100.00
Interim Permit fee: N/A
Fingerprint fee per card: $22 Fingerprint Services
Fees Due Upon Approval:
Final fees (full year): $350.00
Final fees (half year): $325.00
Annual renewal fee (includes surcharge): $120.00