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Festival/Fair Application Kit (Series 16)

Fair/Festival applications must be received by the Department of Liquor 10 days prior to the event.

A Fair/Festival (series 16) license allows a licensed farm winery or craft distillery to serve products they produce at a festival, sanctioned county or state fair or within the premises of a licensed special event. Liquor produced under the provisions of the farm winery or craft distillery license may be served for consumption on the fair/festival premises or "to-go" in the original, sealed container. The application will require state approval.

Fairs/Festivals do not require approval from local governing bodies if fully within an already licensed premise pursuant to Title IV. Craft Distiller Festivals/Fairs does not require approval by the local governing body if within a premises that is already licensed pursuant to Title IV.

The fair license is subject to the permission of the fair organizers.

ARIZONA STATUTES AND REGULATIONS: A.R.S. §4-203.03, 4-203.02 and 4-205.11.

Average Approval Time: One (1) to seven (7) days. Application must be received by the Department of Liquor 10 days prior to the event start date.
Period of Issuance: The Department may issue up to fifty (50) wine festival licenses for each Winery per calendar year for up to a total of one hundred fifty (150) days per calendar year.
Craft Distiller Festival licenses may have up to one hundred fifty (150) days per year.
Application Fees:
Non-refundable application fee: $15.00 per day.
Fingerprint fee per card: Not applicable.
Interim Permit fee: Not applicable.